JW Aviation

FBO Services For You and Your Aircraft

We make Clow a great place to store your aircraft or stop along your route. Competitive fuel prices, reasonable over-night stay, and lineman services.

Nightly Tie-Downs

We love our visitors, so overnight tie-downs are free! We will gladly take a good review on ForeFlight or Google in exchange.

Monthly Tie-Downs

Staying long-term? Keep your plane on the field and pay by month for $75.

Hangar Storage

Store your aircraft in our heated hangar for $30 a night or monthly for $350.

Fuel Service

We provide 100LL and Jet A at competitive prices.

Plane Washing

We can give your plane a full cleaning or just a windscreen wiping. Whatever you need.

Courtesy Car

We are able to provide a courtesy car for short term local use. Free of charge.

Aircraft Maintenance

We offer maintenance and repairs on many aircraft types. Our techs are certified, and work is done on-site.

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