Redbird Flight Simulator

1 Hour Redbird Flight Simulator Starter Package

The Redbird Flight Simulator is an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) as defined by the FAA. Students can log time in the simulator; instrument-rated pilots can log their currency requirements in the sim. This offers significant savings of time and money vs. actual flying, and allows a controlled environment which enhances learning. Use our Redbird Sim in all weather conditions in our climate controlled classroom setting. Rain, snow, windy conditions won’t delay you!

Our 2 hour start up Redbird Sim package is an exceptional and easy way for both VFR and IFR pilots to practice currency and proficiency, especially through the winter months. Use it to practice holds and approaches to keep up your currency. For VFR pilots, use your two hours to stay proficient tracking VOR’s and keep up your cockpit management skills.

  • 1 hour simulator time: $60
  • 1 hour instructor time: $65
    (includes one on one instruction on Redbird use)
  • Total Cost: $125

Discounted Redbird Sim Training Solo Package

Once your starter package time is complete, you are current to use the simulator for 90 days of solo rental. Use it to log inexpensive training time on your schedule.

  • Solo Rental (after initial 1 hour package) $60/hr
  • Much less than aircraft rental cost!
  • Earn CE Hours at a discount
  • Develop your Pilot Skills
  • Practice Emergency Skills Safely from the ground
  • Great Money Saving Option for a pilot of any level of skill
  • Student pilot: practice challenging topics like VOR-navigation
  • Private Pilot: get a “skills challenge” in a safe environment
  • Instrument-rated pilot: perform challenging approaches to minimums
  • Retired or lapsed pilot who wants the feel of flying
  • Ages 15 and up who have never flown would be thrilled to get a real lesson in a safe environment
  • Any young person who has ever mentioned an interest in flying
Redbird Simulator
Redbird Simulator is the Money Saving Way
to Develop Your Piloting Skills
and Some Hours May Accrue Toward
your Pilots License or CE Time. Call for Details

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