Instrument Rating Training

Steps To Achieve An Instrument Rating

Intro To Instrumentation

You’ll start your journey to your instrument rating by taking some basic lessons using our Redbird LD Sim. It is a certified FAA training simulator and great to use for instrument training. You will get introduced to topics such as constant airspeed climbs and descents, basic rate turns, holding altitudes, etc. The reason we use the simulator to start is because instrument flying requires a higher amount of focus and understanding than VFR flying, the sim allows you to pause and take time to get a good grasp of what is required from you and the airplane to properly perform instrument procedures.

Once your instructor feels you are more acclimated to instrument flying, he will introduce you to flying instrument in the plane and bring on more topics such as holds, approaches, instrument navigation, filing flight plans, and so on. Use your ground school to your advantage as ground knowledge is a vital component to succeeding in this portion of flight training.


FAA Requirements:

  • Age: 17+ years old
  • Education requirements: Able to read, write, and speak English fluently
  • A person must hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate and Current Medical

Flying time requirement:

  • 40 hours flight time in actual or simulated instrument conditions
  • 50 hours of PIC cross country time
  • 250 nm cross-country flight


Cost is based purely on an estimate and it varies between every individual.
Instrument training

At J W Aviation, every student has a unique curriculum. Total hours of dual flight training, solo flight, and ground lessons will vary because each person learns differently.

  • Certified Flight Instructor = $65/hour
  • Cessna 172 = $159/hour
  • Diamond DA-40 TAA/G1000 = $175/hour
  • We estimate other expenses (Aviation medical, FAA Written test, and FAA Checkride) will be about $1,000.
  • Start-up costs, including training materials, headsets, registration for ground school, etc. will run about $1,000

We encourage you to call us to schedule a Discovery Flight. At that time, we can go through all the requirements, give a better estimate of your total cost, and discuss many ways that you can keep the cost down and achieve your goals within your time frame.

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