What are all the services you offer?

We offer private pilot training, instrument training, commercial training, and CFI training. All the requirements you need to work up to the airlines, or just to add ratings. We also offer Bi-annual flight reviews and checkout courses for rustier pilots. JWA also offers aircraft maintenance, tie-downs, hangar storage, and fuel service.

I’m interested in flight training, how do I start?

It is a simple process. If you’re starting from zero the first step will be to take a Discovery flight. We sign you up so you’re able to be put on the schedule and all you need to do is bring your ID or license, and a birth certificate or passport for TSA security reasons. After we get you checked in you’ll take your Discovery flight. If you decide you want to continue your flight training all you need to do is keep booking lessons and flying, your instructor will set you up on the right path to complete all your requirements.

What are the steps to getting my private license?

First you take a Discovery flight. After this we start working to get your ready and proficient enough to solo the airplane, which means flying completely by yourself. A good checkpoint to solo is usually around 15-25 hours of training before a solo. It may seem like a small amount of hours but with consistency and hard work it is an easy task. Plus your instructor will be very diligent in making sure your are fully ready. After your solo you then being cross country planning and learning how to read sectional maps and plot trips over 50 miles. Once the cross country phase is over you then begin test prep and working on becoming a proficient pilot to pass your final exam.

What is the Discovery Flight?

The Discovery Flight is a one hour introductory lesson to flight training. It is meant for you to experience what it’s like being inside a small aircraft. The instructor will do all the take-offs and landings but everything in between will be your flying for most of the flight. That’s right, your very first flight you’ll get to have to controls at your fingertips. Your instructor will be there to help and make sure everything goes smoothly.

What are the steps after the Discovery Flight?

Once the Discovery flight is completed you then can start booking lessons from home and flying as you please. You’ll begin true training and will start working up to your first solo flight.

How long does it take to complete the private license?

It depends on a couple factors which include how often you fly and your own natural ability. If you fly 3-4 times a week you will generally complete your license more quickly than if you were to only fly once a week. This is because you lose skills and coordination over only a short amount of time not flying which means more reviewing and less time learning new skills. And it will take longer to hit the required 40 hours of flight time for a private pilot license. Generally speaking, it could take anywhere from 4-8 months. Some it takes a year. It’s all on how much you’re able to fly and what you can afford.

How much does it cost?

There are a number of factors that dictate how long it takes to learn to fly including the your own natural ability and the frequency you fly (flying more often reduces knowledge attrition and reduces the impact of weather/maintenance delays). Actual customer data shows a range between ~ $11,000 and ~ $17,000 with a median of ~ $13,000.  These ranges fall well within the national average of 50-80 hours.

How do I get an instructor?

We will provide the instructors as we employee FAA certified flight instructors. If at any point you feel like your instructor is not teaching you what you need or is not presenting material in a way that it’s easy to understand, or you just don’t get along with them, feel free to request to change primary instructors. Flight training is done in very small planes, being shoulder to shoulder with someone for hours at a time. It is absolutely important and 100% your right that you have a good relationship with the instructor. They will not take it personally if you decide to switch either, it happens all the time.

How can I schedule lessons?

Scheduling is done all on your own from our program called Flight Schedule Pro. It also you to download an app or visit the website, and book right from home. You’re able to reserve an aircraft and instructor which notifies them and us, and does not allow anyone to take your time slot. You can set up recurring lessons at specific times and days and book as many lessons in advance as you want.

What are the requirements to getting my private license?

You will need a minimum of 40 hours of flight time. 30 of which are with an instructor, 10 of which will be solo. Of the 10 solo hours, 5 must be solo cross country and must include one trip of at least 150 miles, landing at 3 different airports. A 60 question written test must be taken and passed after your ground school course is completed. You must also get at least a 3rd class medical certificate.

Where can I get a medical? When do I need to get it?

The medical is essentially an aviation physical to make sure you are healthy and able to fly solo. You need to go to a special aero-medical doctor. We do have one on the Clow airport you can get your medical from.

What is the ground school? Where do I get it? Why do I need to do it?

The ground school is an all online educational course that coincides with your flight lessons. It will teach you all the supplemental material you’ll need to know to become a safe and proficient pilot. It will also help you pass the written test. It is a requirement from the FAA that you complete a certified ground school course. We sell ground school kits in our office or you can get them online. Talk to your instructor about which one will be best. Usually it will be based on their preference.

What days/times can I fly?

We are open 7 days a week from 8-5

Do you offer financing or any kind of aid?

We do not offer any financial aid directly but AOPA does offer pilot training financing. You can also take out a personal loan for training.

Do you do rentals?

If you have your private pilot’s license you can come and rent one of our planes whenever you’d like. Our rental rates do include fuel. A 152 goes for 105 per hour, 172 goes for $136-$140, and our 182 goes for $177. All rates are billed off the hobbs time. These are our member rental rates, standard rates will be about $20 more than member rates.

What is the process to be able to rent a plane?

To rent a plane, you must schedule a checkout with an instructor and they will have you perform the basics private pilot maneuvers to make sure you understand how to fly it, and will test your knowledge on the systems.

Can I take a plane for a weekend?

We encourage you to take weekend trips with our planes! We do have a required 2 hours of flight per day charge.

How does the club work?

We act as a flight school and flying club. There is a $100 initiation fee and a $30 per month due to be a part of it.

What are the benefits of joining?

Joining allows you to get a reduced rate for instruction and aircraft rental. We also provide activities like fly-outs and barbecues for our members. We want to create a family like community of aviation lovers where everyone knows each other. We’d like to build a personal relationship with everyone that comes here.