Commercial Rating

Steps To Achieve A Commercial Rating

Get Paid To Fly

The Commercial Rating is the one that legally allows you to be able to perform your piloting services for money. Because you are introducing an exchange of services there are a lot more requirements and higher amounts of training. You’ll start your training similar to how private pilot training went. However, you will be learning some more advanced maneuvers that will teach you to become incredibly skilled at predicting what inputs will control the airplane ahead of time.

Training Flights

Because of the higher requirements, more hours will be required to achieve the Commercial Rating. You must have a minimum of 250 hours of flight time. 100 hours must be PIC time as well as 50 PIC cross country hours. Along with building time, most of the training will be spent learning how to perform commercial maneuvers such as lazy eights and chandelles.


FAA Requirements:

  • Prerequisite: Private Pilot Certificate and Instrument Rating
  • Must hold at least a current second class medical
  • Education requirements: Able to read, write, and speak English fluently
  • Age: 17+ years old

Flying time requirement:

  • Minimum of 250 hours of flight time
  • 100 hours PIC
  • 50 cross country hours


Cost is based purely on an estimate and it varies between every individual. After achieving the PPL and instrument rating, you should be some where in the range of 180 hours. With 20 hours of instruction to work on commercial maneuvers, that leaves an additional 50 hours of PIC time to be logged, which will satisfy the 100 total hours of PIC requirement, to get 250 total hours.
Commercial Rating pilot school

At J W Aviation, every student has a unique curriculum. Total hours of dual flight training, solo flight, and ground lessons will vary because each person learns differently.

  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) = $65/hour
  • Diamond DA-40 TAA/G1000 = $175/hour
  • Cessna 182 = $195/hour
  • We estimate other expenses (Aviation medical, FAA Written test, and FAA Checkride) will be about $1,000
  • Start-up costs, including training materials, headsets, registration for ground school, etc. will run about $1,000

We encourage you to call us to schedule a Discovery Flight. At that time, we can go through all the requirements, give a better estimate of your total cost, and discuss many ways that you can keep the cost down and achieve your goals within your time frame.

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