Start Your Aviation Journey With A Discovery Flight

It All Starts With A Discovery Flight

Ask any pilot, regardless if they are Captains of 747’s or fly single engine Cessna’s on the weekends, they will all tell you that their love of aviation started with a Discovery Flight. This one hour introductory lesson to flight training will give you the chance to experience piloting a general aviation aircraft.

An Experience Designed To Cultivate Passion And Excitement

Experienced flight instructorsFlying a plane is something the average person won’t ever experience. We want to change that. Our Discovery Flight is meant to not only show you what the aviation community is all about but also help you join it. It only takes one flight to know if flying is right for you.

Learn The Basics

Get to know the basics behind aerodynamics and what makes an airplane fly. You’ll get to take full control of the plane, with the safety of your instructor. Fly over your house, perform basic maneuvers, and experience what being a general aviation pilot is like. Afterwords, continue training to earn the Private Pilot certificate and explore the skies.

Discovery FlightsAll Discovery Flights include 1 hour introduction and ground instruction, and 1 hour flight time. 2 hours total, for $199 per person. Where else can you get to fly a real plane on your first day?

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